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September Event!
You read the title right! Our very FIRST guild event!

Whats a better way to show who's the toughest, strongest, most decked out character in the guild than a
                         1v1 PVP TOURNAMENT!

The Rules & Restrictions:
  •    Must be level 23 or 24 (for balancing purposes)
  •    Been in the guild for more than a week
  •    Best out of 5 in Lost Temple
  •    If you have multiple 23/24 characters, you can enter all of them!

The Prizes:
  • First place will not only get bragging rights, but also a grand total of 1000 gold
  • Second place will get a choice of either 2 Blue Spiral Vortex Pouches OR 500 gold
  • Third place will either receive a crafting piece of their choice or 200 gold (crafting piece cannot be minotaur's consumables)


    This is an OPTIONAL entrance fee of 20gold. This POT bonus enables (I'll try not to be confusing):

  • If 0 of the 3 winners paid the Special POT bonus, the entire pot will go into guild storage, and accumulate over to the next guild event
  • If only 1 of the 3 winners paid the Special POT bonus, he/she will be given the ENTIRE pot
  • If 2 of the 3 winners paid the Special POT Bonus, the pot will be split according to their places. (60/40 split unless the winners are first and third place. In that situation, the split will be 75/25)
  • If all 3 of the winners paid the Special POT bonus, the split will be 50/35/15
    If you are entering the tournament with multiple characters, you will need to pay 20gold for every character that you want the Special POT bonus enabled for!

The Battle:

     The event exact date will be TBA (until we get all entries in, and can figure out the best available time + matchups)

How to Enter:

    You have till the 1st of October at 12:00am PST time to enter any or just one of your characters! If you're ready, CLICK HERE


so is this even still happening? if so we need to tweek some things out ~ EIrich, Management
News & Information
Welcome to the new Champion guild website,

Enjoy the new guild website that is currently under construction. The guild leader and officers are working together to make this website suitable for everyone.

If anyone has any suggestions or concerns about the website and things to come, please don't be shy to leave a forum post or reply post. All suggestions will be considered via council of the guild leader and officers.
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